Past: Imperial Lates: Romance and Reproduction
Thursday 8 February 2024
London, UK
This event has now passed.

Join me for a romance themed art workshop at the next Imperial Lates! Sharpen your origami skills and create the perfect Valentine’s Day card for a nerdy loved one inspired by kisspeptin, our body’s own love hormone.

Event Information
Date: Thursday 8 February 2024
Time: 6-9 pm
Address: Imperial College London College Main Entrance Exhibition Road London SW7 2AZ
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Event Description
Explore the mysteries of human reproductive health and animal sexual selection through thought-provoking workshops and talks that challenge conventional norms at Imperial Lates: Romance & Reproduction.

In this Valentine’s Day special, science gets sexy as we delve into attraction, intimacy and procreation... Hear from the founder of the Vagina Museum, create Valentine’s Day cards inspired by kisspeptin (our body’s own love hormone!), play games shedding light on polygamous sparrows and much more!

Imperial Lates are fun and social post-work events where visitors can interact with the latest scientific developments at Imperial College London, centred around a new theme for each evening. Please note, Imperial Lates is intended for an 18+ audience. Content warnings: This evening will cover mature themes and some content will cover issues around fertility and infertility.

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Artist & Illustrator based in London, UK / i.mitchell.0707@gmail.com