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Hi, I am an artist and illustrator based in London.

For commissions, collaborations and workshop enquiries, please contact me at i.mitchell.0707@gmail.com

Select Clients & Collaborators: Radical Giving, Drawing Escapes, Yodomo, ALSO Festival, St Georges Hospital Charity, Great Exhibition Road Festival, BEH Mental Health NHS Trust, Hemingway Design Events & Life Lessons Festival.

Artist Statement

I draw inspiration from architecture and nature, and I use my visual art practice to explore the relationship between the two.

While producing my drawings and paintings, I refer to scenes that combine soft organic forms and solid man-made structures. These can be overgrown front gardens, Mediterranean hillside towns, remote Scottish bothies and fishing boats in harbour. I am increasingly interested in the role of light, shadow, clouds and bodies of water, as these can take on both architectural and organic properties.

I use drawing to simplify complex scenes into defined shapes, using line and negative space to create graphic divisions on the picture plane. I then apply paint in blocks of bold, dense colour. These form a framework, sometimes grid-like, sometimes fluid, to support the energetic marks that I employ to render plants, shadows, skies, textiles, linear details and people.

I have developed this process using gouache and water-soluble pencils on paper. I am currently exploring ways to extend my practice into acrylic paint on canvas and panel, as I desire to develop my use of layering and find methods to translate my hand-drawn marks into paint.  

I’ve worked with numerous brands and arts organisations to create energetic imagery for digital media and print, make live illustrations, and lead workshops focused on drawing.

I am eager for more opportunities to expand my portfolio. If you would like to work with me then please do get in touch.

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Artist & Illustrator based in London, UK / i.mitchell.0707@gmail.com