Past: Imperial Lates: Drug Experiments
Thursday 9 February 2023
London, UK
This event has now passed.

Join me for a  heart-filled card making workshop inspired by the science of attraction at the next Imperial Lates!

Event Information
Date: Thursday 9 February 2023
Time: 6-9 pm
Address: Imperial College London College Main Entrance Exhibition Road London SW7 2AZ
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Event Description
Take a trip through the science of marvellous medicines, notorious narcotics, and everyday cravings at our latest evening of discovery. From artistic re-imaginings of the brain on psychedelics, to talks on science of microdosing and the under-representation of women in clinical trials, the Lates will bring together leading experts on drug design, development, use and abuse.

Together they will show off new innovations in the treatment of cancer, sickle cell anaemia and even sleep disorders with hands on demos. Also, as we will be in the run up to Valentine’s day, the Lates will celebrate the powerful drug that is love with a heart-filled card making workshop inspired by the science of attraction.

Throw in a bar offering cocktails and mocktails, and an intoxicating DJ set and this is a free evening of science discovery not be missed.

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